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Let’s Go Santa

GAME DESCRIPTION Rudolph has taken off without Santa! You must now run and jump to try to catch up while picking up all the gifts that have fallen off Santa’s sleigh. Let’s Go Santa is a endless runner game for […]


Yash Math Adventure

THE PERFECT MATH GAME TO SHARPEN YOUR KIDS’ MATH SKILLS! Yash Math Adventure is a very unique and exciting educational math game. Its goal is to encourage kids to develop and practice their arithmetic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) […]


Dale Coqui

GAME DESCRIPTION A fun and entertaining Puerto Rican game to help time go faster while you wait to catch the bus, for a haircut, lunch, etc. How far can you take the coquí? Trophies: – Bronze: Easy – Silver: Hard […]


Aprende ABC

GAME DESCRIPTION A fun and interactive app for children to learn their ABC’s in Spanish. Our intuitive baby friendly app has been specially designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind, captivating their attention with bright colors and objects easy to […]